Bobbie Cossett

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The Easter story, told in a creative and fun way

Let’s play a game, you tell the kids. You prepare what at first glance seems to be an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt, yet this year, the search incorporates a twist. Instead of perpetuating the ostensibly endless cycle of stories involving the Easter bunny, you may tell the kids all about the Easter story, the real one – the true reason for the special event of joy that all Christian believers world wide welcome with happiness and gratitude.

Commercial shopping centers could have small children think that Easter is focused on the search for those vibrant colored eggs filled up with candy or chocolate goodies inside. Nobody mentions Jesus Christ. Nobody talks about how he made the ultimate sacrifice of giving up his life for all of humankind sins, and after that coming back to life to fulfill his promise granting eternal life to all people who nurture the faith. And children do not readily...

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Resurrection Eggs: show the Great News with an Easter egg hunt

Easter is definitely coming soon and the kids are excited. Definitely not because they appreciate the Easter story of how Jesus rose from the dead 3 days right after his crucifixion and brave sacrifice

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